Fabrics Unravelled offers interactive textile workshops and learning materials  highly relevant for anyone who uses fabrics in any shape or form.

We are able to provide technically relevant know-how to professionals in retail, home-ware, clothing manufacturers, buyers, designers, even industrial end-uses, as well as home sewers and crafters.

Owner, Heidi Cox, is a qualified textile technologist with over 20 years’ manufacturing experience across a broad spectrum of the textile industry, 15 years of which were spent working in Research and Development.

Heidi has a passion for sharing technically correct, practical and relevant information, increasing the ability of attendees to make informed and efficient decisions during the textile-buying process.  Focus is on end-use performance, whilst maintaining firm consideration of good ethics and environmental responsibility.

Fabrics Unravelled offers:
Public textile workshops
Domestic Training workshops
On-site corporate textile training workshops (standard offering or tailor-made)
Text books / reference materials
Consultation services
Modular training (skill or product specific)
To come: Webinars

Though the books have had recent technical updates by Heidi, the original research for the learning materials offered by Fabrics Unravelled was done back in 1991, by Carol Watkinson, who set about compiling a comprehensive reference tool, with physical fabric samples, to identify different fabric types.  A former lecturer in the School of Fashion Design at the Durban University of Technology, she eventually gathered 418 samples, that can be found today in Fabrics Unravelled’s Educational package, a box with swatches and reference books.

Sadly on 3 October 2014, Carol passed away, and now Heidi works with Carol’s assistant and long-time friend, Pushpa Maistry in order to continue to make this valuable resource available.

Contact Heidi at: fabrics@fabricsunravelled.co.za

Fabrics Unravelled is a division of PAW Tech CC (Paper and Woven Technologies)
(owned by Chris Cox and Heidi Cox)